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SEA server client Crashed at loading stage

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2 hours ago, ralfy said:

Using v.


CTD while the game is being loaded. The problem disappeared when the PMOD section was unchecked.




It's not related to the topic, ASIA is client is using old version of the game, I will remove this post from this topic.


 I already informed that PMOD is causing problems on ASIA after WG micropatch.

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18 hours ago, leafcap said:

Reinstalled Aslain mod v. without PMOD and it still crashed .

removing PMOD (World_of_Tanks\mods\\poliroid.pmod_1.29.5.wotmod) ... AND IT WORKS 

Hrmm, I just tried this and instead of crashing whilst entering game, it's now crashing on entering a game.


Given we probably won't see the 9.21 patch until next week, I'd love to figure out the problem addon! 

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