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sound volume

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     my crew voices  (vanilla)seem to be very quiet during game play ,   but when I test it on the test button the volume is ok .

ive tried lowering the effects , vehicle volume  etc right down to 15 and turning my main laptop volume up  to hear the  crew voices  which don't make that much of a difference .  


my ut announcer is correct volume   gun sounds r ok  engine sounds r ok  ,        at start of battle the volume is fine  , its during the game I can hardly hear the crew voices and my sixth sense voice.  never had this problem before    as  I usually use grandpas voice mod   but took that off to see if it was just this mod , but its  happening with vanilla crew voices.

any suggestions wud be helpful


logs attach


no sound errors though   


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after more investigation ,

  I took out all sound mods and added them 1  at a time .

its guederins gun sounds that is causing the problem .  zorganes gun sounds are fine  and guederins  engine is fine   ut announcer is fine too .

I'm just checking if they work together   

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