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Vehicle EXP Extended... can't seem to make it work

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i would like to enable "Vehicle EXP Extended"... but can't seem to make it work... whenever i check it for mod installation it doesn't seem to work in game (garage).. can anyone point me on where can i DISABLE "Show Simplified Technical Characteristics in the Garage" in option settings?

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You didn't attach log files, so it's pure guess then:


Did you select YasenKrasen beta features? If the answer is yes, then that is why Vehicle Exp Extended doesn't work - since beta features for YasenKrasen does the same, and thus unchecks the other one when installing.

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28 minutes ago, hidetada said:

by YasenKrasen... you mean YasenKrasen Session Stats?... checked my installation and yes the special add ons (beta) is enabled... will try to install it again with the add ons (beta) unchecked...

Yeah, YasenKrasen Session Stats (I always just assume everyone knows what it is, since it's the only thing called YasenKrasen as far as I know, oops) :)

But yeah - if you have beta addons enabled, then Vehicle Exp Extended is disabled automatically - since they conflict, and beta addons does the same, essentially, just looks different. :)

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