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Idea for a sight mod


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Right now I play two types of vehicles TDs and SPGs. I do like the looks of the Battle Assistant PoV mod for arty. But for TDs would prefer to use Team Roughneck's Gunsights. Now I am not asking for only those two things. What I think would be a popular mod is one simular to the Autotelescope mod. The difference would be that you would specify the gunsight for the class of vehicle. Like:

Light Melty

TD Roughneck

SPG Battle Assist

You get the idea. It would automatically use that gunsight when you chose the class of vehicle. Is this even remotly possible?

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I just got done testing the mod. You need to push the G key to enable the sight zoom in. Other than that it will be a standard SPG sight. It also plays well with the Roughneck gunsight so it will only allow that mod in an SPG. The must have read my post and gone back in time to fix it. lol

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