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Mod for Trainig Room

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Hi Aslan
A couple of proposals that I think are useful for the TR, now that WG has changed it.
1) Put 2 buttons chosen: Activation of Ships and Armaments Activation (as you will now know WG has removed the choice)
2) Put the possibility of being a Spectator, a selection that allows you not to use the ship or something (in this way those who want to look for strategic points on the map can flutter wherever they want)
I do not know if you are possible but I find them useful.
Thank you

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It is quite stupid that they removed features from the training room (removing the option of active / armed bots) - since that part was working just fine before they "officially" released the training room.


Oh well. It's probably since there's bots in co-op, and fighting battles in training room is pointless anyways. :)

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