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edward beijdorff

modpack on WoT CT new sever don't work correct

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Hi . I am playing on the open public test server and installed the mod pack v.9.23_CT_01 and now if i CANT open the GAME SETTING GRAPHIC'S and afther adjusting GAME CONTROLS (( or other settings)) it don't CLOSE the popup screen to adjust settings anymore so starting playing impossible . And have to REBOOT GAME. Don't know what the problem is but with MOD PACK instald on the game ,you cant use GAMESETTING'S because it don't close anymore :( On SAFE MODE without mod pack everything works PERFECT no problem


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Two known bugs:

- XVM (as whole)

- all contour icons


Try without them for now, I will push another update later today.

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I don't want to spam the forum with a new CT issues topic, so I will just post my findings here. Hope it is OK.


I have been playing around for a few days with a lot of different mods from the installer (CT #3), and only a few things either don't work or work "not as intended".


For instance, no matter which option I choose from "Statistics tab (under Tab key)" (XVM section -> Panels & windows (in-battle) -> Panels by Aslain), I get no statistics under Tab key - just the vanilla list of players. Other panel options work as intended. I guess it is another XVM issue.


Also, "Team WN8 on the battle interface (WITH EKSPOINT AD)" works about every other match. So, around 50% of the matches it just doesn't show, other 50% it works as intended.


I am having a weird graphical issue with some of the maps: on El Halluf the sky is completely black, and on some maps the sky is blue, but cloud textures are messed up and are all placed in a concave strip in the middle of the sky. I haven't started hunting the mod that causes this yet, but I will.


Sometimes some of the tabs in the client setting window start acting weird. Just like before, with the first XVM modpack version, but this time less radical. You can actually close the settings window now, but some of the tabs just don't show any content.


Everything else I tried, and I tried a lot of things from the installer, just works: OTMs, XVM panels, crosshairs, minimap mods, hitlogs, damage logs, countour icons, aiming helps, hangar mods, 6th sense icons and sounds, crew sounds......


Great work Aslain, as usual.

Edited by zzarac

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