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Confused Configs - mods not enabled properly

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Hello Aslain,


I've been loosing more and more mods with each update, e.g. Auto crew return died for me with the last modpack. Today I've finally got pi**ed off enough to actually try to do something about it :D


mods & features selected in the installer are not working/working partially in game


Last ditch effort:

1) uninstalled Aslain modpack

2) cleaned every mod/modpack related folder in both WoT folder and /Roaming/Wargaming folder

3) WoT integrity check

4) installing Aslain modpack, setup type Recommended XVM only settings (by Aslain)

5) nope :(

6) mods that are running correctly:

    - garague clock

    - carousel filtering and mastery badges (nothing more)

    - Aslain modpack update... watchdog-thingy... in the Announcement Center

    - XVM "framework" - no stats, no colors, nothing (XVM activated on modxvm.com)

    Every other mod is toast. I've got similar results while fiddling with different mod combinations. Usually the whole mod doesn't work, occasionally a part of a mod is showing up.

The logs from this attempt can be found here: Aslain_WoT_logs.rar


I've rulled out:

- user == admin

- antivirus is cool with everything

- instalation of Aslain is not corrupted (clean re-install)

- instalation of WoT is not corrupted (WG integrity check through the launcher)



Is it possible that for some reason the config files are not set properly/according to the list of requested mods and features? I've checked the config files in res_mods.rar and though I don't know for sure which one ties to which mod they don't look OK to me (a bit too much enabled = false etc.).


Could you please take a look at my issue and let me know if you have any idea what might solve it? I'd be very greatfull; I've been using your pack for 4 years now and I'd hate to be forced to stop using it.


Thank you kindly.


PS: one more issue to report: Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe does nothing for me, had to make my own zip with logs.

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Too me it looks like the installer didn't install it for you. You got a special default config prepared by me, but without changes, that should have been made by the installer, also my icons weren't unpacked to res_mods from my 7z, that's also installers job. Must say it's not a installer bug, it's still something in your window. Are you sure about your antivir? Tripe check it, stuff like windows defender too. 


Logs archiver failed on you is a proof for this. (not necessarily antivir, but problem lays in your pc definitely)

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This sounds like the closest post to the issue I'm having as well. Unlike Husky the newest version has not helped me at all. Barely anything installs. As I mentioned in another post the things I am sure are not working are:


Most of the Tactical Map options, besides having the tactical map always displayed (can't get it to show up only when pressing ALT)


Tank Icons in garage mode


Tank Contours in battles


Gold and Free XP spending lockers


Any custom skins



Very difficult to determine what exactly is working because there are so many options and there doesn't seem to be any clear pattern even with a section of options as to which will work and which will not install properly. I can get any other mods to work easily by downloading and installing them separately. No virus software or computer incompetence at play here, have installed this mod pack successfully countless times.

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