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Top 10 in battle results

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Since most missions requires you to be top 10, I wonder if there is a mod that distinguish the top 10 from the bottom 5 in the result screen?

If you happen to be at 9th-11th place it's somewhat hard to see.

Maybe a thick line or if top 10 is marked green-ish and bottom 5 is red-ish :P



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Don't think there's one that does that.


I have a personal edit for the YasenKrasen config, that adds placement to the battle result in the notification center though.

(It has a larger font, says Rank: and then number, colored somewhat XVM-style)


If you use that - you could send me the config file for YasenKrasen (it's in \World of Tanks\mods\configs\yk-stats\), and I'll edit it and give you a file to use in the custom mods folder, so it'll be installed everytime you update modpack.

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