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Sound issue with mods installed

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I'm assuming you want the logs with the Gnomefather's installed. I had uninstalled them and only had the Engine sounds mod active, which it seemed worked fine, as I had music when I logged back in. I inserted those logs to the initial post. I am going to reinstall the Gnomefather's and add the logs for that to this post.


I also have the EN Female Voice Announcer, and the English Julie voice pack installed, but they seem to work just fine.


I just reinstalled the Gnomefather's and noticed I could just barely hear something so I checked the volume settings and was able to have the sound after adjusting them back to full. It seemed to have lowered the volume on other sounds considerably. I am still not sure if there is engine sound with the Gnomefather's active though. Testing a few matches to see. Nope, Engine sounds does not appear to be working with the Gnomefather's installed, or it is too quiet to hear even with volume increased.



update: I uninstalled the engine sound mod, and now have game engine sound working.

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Maybe i can help? :)

Checked your logs and noticed BanksLoader, think that's the issue here...at least with Gnomefather's Gun Sound (by Zorgane)

I personally use BanksLoader, even SoundInjector and i did try experimenting using only Engine Sound mod (that use loader and injector)
with Zorgane Gun Sound or Shimada's Gun Sound and i had same issues (missing engine sound)
Same goes with UT Announcer (that use only loader)

So my solution was to stop using sound mods that have custom scripts/configs inside res_mods or they create/edit audioww/audio_mods.xml
remove mods that use BanksLoader and SoundInjector

ATM my sound setup is: Gnomefather's Engine and Gun Sounds(by Fedor), UT Male Announcer(by Andre_V), Julie Voiceover and Reload "UP" Sound

Hope this help? ;)


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