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Mini Map Ship colors

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I saw last year you created a custom minimap ship color mod for someone.  I have the same difficulty seeing the current red color used on the mini map because of vision impairments.  Will this mod still work with 0.7.4 or would you be willing to update or create a mod that has different colors like you did previously? I would be happy to compensate you for this.


Thank you,

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I was doing it for a few hours yesterday, almost did it, but encountered some issues, for example ship names, they are still red :/


You can check it out, it's unfinished tho: minimap.swf


Copy it to c:\Games\World_of_Warships_EU\res_mods\\gui\flash\minimap.swf

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Oh sorry I guess I misunderstood thinking that you were still working on it because you said you encountered some issues and it was unfinished.  :(  So there is no chance of getting this working?  It would be so helpful to me with my given visual issues.  I'm still more than willing to compensate you for this.  I can send some compensation now if that would help you.


Thanks again,


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You could just use alt_minimap in the pack, and change the red <enemy> color in the "res_mods\\alt_minimap\settings.xml". Around line 222.


Think it's "0xb31111" the default, where "b31111" is the hex color, which you can grab anywhere and just replace.

Like if you wanted plain blue "0000ff" instead, it'd be color="0x0000ff".

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That worked for the mini map! I'm so happy.  One more thing, do you know how to change the color of the enemy Over The Ship Markers?  If I could get that changed I would be set. I'm not sure in which file to look for this. And if I do locate the file does it get changed similarly to the settings.xml file?


Thanks for your help


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Do you mean for the running lights mod? They are just images. There are several options to them in Aslains pack right under the option, you might like the ones i've made there :) They look like this:


Or perhaps the ship icons themselves? I made one for that, but they've not been included in the pack. Grab them here: 


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