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Numbers 13 & 14 Aslain's WOT Modpack Installer

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Installed Mod number 13 for 1.0.11 this morning and everything got switched around, undone, moved, etc etc when it comes to my whole screen set up.  For example, I have the 3 carousel and small icons selected for the garage but without selecting 2 carousel and standard, my display settings changed with Mod 13 to have the 2 carousel regular size icons in the garage instead of the 3 carousel and small icons.  In the garage, it also had in the top center the WN8 rating I have along with percentages.  This was not an option within the modpack selection criteria that I had selected. While in game, my battle events was moved from the default bottom right to the top center of the screen to include what the average damage that I have done in that specific tank along with the total hit points for both teams and what the current highest high caliber is for the tank.  None of this is anything that I had selected.  There are many other changes that the modpack did.  I uninstalled it.  Installed number 13 again to see pretty much the same thing after I had gone through to make sure I had not checked anything out of the ordinary.  I installed number 13 again (with the Mod Uninstaller that you include in the modpack).  I still had number 12 Modpack and loaded it up.  Everything went back to the way I had it before.  So.. not sure what is happening.  If it helps, I can do screenshots for you if you would like them or maybe you are aware of what all I am talking about. 

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Attachments are the screen shots from 13B in the garage, in game and then 12B in the garage and in game.  The 13B modpack update did the same as 13.  

Aslain's 13b.JPG

13B in game

Aslain's 13b in game.JPG

12B in garage

Aslain's 12B.JPG

12B in game

Aslain's 12B in game.JPG

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Finally!  For some reason, my Browser is giving me a hard time this morning.  Anyways, 13, 14, and now 15 had the same selection of mods installing as per the list I just put up.  I got your message about wanting that but I saw this morning you had 15 up.  So, launched the WoT Mods Cleaner you provide in the mod pack.  Installed 15 and everything is back to "normal" for me.  Seems to be doing exceptionally well now!  Thanks.  I hope everyone else finds 15 to solve any and all problems.  Thank you for your attention on 13 and 14. 

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