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Mod application problem

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Hi all, 


New to moding but have chosen Aslains as a good choice. Installed ok.  Am only interested in minor mods, the one I have picked is to fix the poor sighting used in the standard game.  I have chosen crosshair Krab 4 as the one I want to use and only mod selected.  I click on next, click on remove all previous mods etc, create application shortcut on desk top, next,  the install confirms only the krab 4 will be installed, the program destination is correct, the only possible issue, is states installed on : No client detected!  install. no shortcut appears on my desktop and when I start the game, the krab 4 crosshairs are not showing.  Am I missing something??  The No client detected is the only obvious thing that does not look right.



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As long as you've selected the correct folder, the error message isn't as important. Thought if you're using the Steam client, things can be broken.


When you install a crosshair, you need to select the proper crosshair in the ingame settings menu.

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Yeah, its should be there.


If it's not - please attach log files, link to the guide on how to is in my signature, but also the sticky thread in this forum section you posted in :)

(Edit: Correction, in the forum section I moved your post to, since it was in the wrong one, hehe)

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