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BEHelper - Advanced HP Indicator

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Since the new update you've gone over to using this mods' included BEHelper, which you kindly didn't use before.

Is there any reason for this, other than convenience? Because i was rather fond of the way you worked around it before, as well as USSHelper.


Whenever the game is launched with this, it messes up the encoding/formatting of battle_elements.xml, and rearranges everything.

Just not worth it IMO, if all it does is put in/take out bits of code, that your installer already does.


I know it didn't need it before, but have no idea if the "moving around" feature that worked in the past, and now does again with is related to any function of it. But i shouldn't think so.

(Just did it manually, works fine. it'd just be to remove BEHelper and revert to way it was set up before. Nothing's changed in that regard.)


Would really appreciate it if you could see it fit to go back to the way you did it before.

Once you get off vacation ofc.


Also, \sfm\battle.txt is missing.


Have a good one.



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I updated this mod again, because previous update didn't went well for some reasons. BEHElper works fine to me, didn't mess anything. In future all mods will have this and USSHelper, I didn't move to it entirely yet because I'm observing how they're developing it, it's a still a new thing you know.


PY based injections to battle_elements and battle_layout are more easier for the installer (easier to code in), there is less chances that something will go wrong (less antivirs triggering etc).


Dragging ability was disabled by the author due to detected bug.

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The \sfm\battle.txt controls when the indicator is showing, could that be the problem?

Added it from the original download on the RU forums first thing, and i haven't experienced any bugs.


My personal problem with this...

I always install your pack into a folder with just the latest .exe and res folder, paths.xml, same with Hakabase and Proshops packs, then start merging your packs new swf and xml changes with my custom changed files like elements and layout, settings in alt minimap/markers, damage meters, team structure etc.. And repeating the process with the few mods that only Proships and Hakabase has.

The problem now is that once the game is launched with BEHelper and USSHelper they change their respective files, "messing them up", leaving everything offset differently and moving around code. (Guess it's cyrillic encoding or something that's the reason for this.. Like the switched "/" & "\" )

Leaving the compare feature in Notepad++ completely useless as everything is different after they're done with the files.


I know your pack isn't meant for this, but my only choice is to do it manually like this, as i'm sure is the same with other advanced users that use their own customizations.

It's a bit dreary to do every patch, but it hasn't been a problem, until now that is.


I just really despise scripts that mess with my files in an automated process..

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