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Minor Scriptloader issue with Spot messenger

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The fix in 10b works but the JSON script has the alert and help set to false. Below is the fix:


    "activeInClanbattles": true,
    "activeInRandom": true,
    "enabled": true,
    "limitAliveVehicles": 15,
    "preferSquadChannel": true,
    "spotAlert": true,
    "spotAlertHelpCMD": true,
    "spotAlertMessage": "Im Spotted at {cell}!",
    "unspotAlert": true,
    "unspotAlertMessage": "{time} seconds passed since you got spotted!",
    "unspotAlertTimer": 10


Edit in note pad or other editor. File located at:


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17 hours ago, CrankyOldYank said:

Haven't noticed real problem playing, but here is error message and Python log


  ScriptLoader PRO v1.30:

Error by executing script(s):

Check python logfile for detailed informations
[ D:/Games/World_of_Tanks/Python.log ]



Make sure you're using latest modpack (#10b) then in hangar menu for this mod tick proper options, you don't have to manualy edit any files.

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