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[] LegionLost Carousel Tanks v2.13.0


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Simple garage icons set highlighting the role of the tank and the premium status divided by normal matchmaking (blue) and preferential (purple).

Attention!!… The mod contains only icons, the stats values displayed in the pictures are XVM features from the Aslain’s WoT ModPack by Aslain.

Installation Guide

Download from: https://wgmods.net/2147/details/ or WoT_1.14.1.0_LegionLost_Carousel_Tanks_v2.13.0.zip

Unpack the compressed file on your “World_Of_Tanks” directory maintaining the directory structure inside the pack. The folder “res_mods” MUST be copied over the “res_mods” folder inside your “World_Of_Tanks” install directory.







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WOT Update
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Release v 1.4.8


Updated to WOT


Added following tanks:


MKA-premium II-premium-light tank
WalkerBulldog M41D-premium-VIII-light tank
Panhard EBR 75 Mle1954-premium-VIII-light tank
HWK 30-premium-VIII-light tank
Edelweiss-premium-VIII-medium tank
Nameless-premium-VIII-heavy tank
T95 FV4201 Chieftain-premium-X-heavy tank

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Updated for Release 1.4.10


Added the following Items:


china 112 (Front Line)
france Panhard EBR 90
france Hotchkiss EBR
france Panhard EBR 105
france AMD Panhard 178B
france Lynx 6x6
france AM39 Gendron Somua
france M4A1 Revalorise (Front Line)
france AMX M4 1949 (Front Line)
germany Panzer58 (Front Line)
germany Lowe (Front Line)
sweden Lansen C
uk N FV4202 105 (Front Line)
usa TS-5
usa T34 hvy (Front Line)
usa T26 E4 SuperPershing (Front Line)
ussr T54 45 (Front Line)
ussr T 44 (Front Line)
ussr Object 252 (Front Line)

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Updated to WOT version

germany M48RPz - Premium Medium Tank
germany E75 TS - Premium Heavy Tank
uk Manticore - Light Tank
uk LHMTV - Light Tank
uk GSOR3301 AVR FS - Light Tank
uk GSR 3301 Setter - Light Tank
uk Black Prince 2019 - Premium Heavy Tank
usa T54E2 - Premium Heavy Tank
usa AEP 1 - Premium Heavy Tank
ussr Object 777C - Premium Heavy Tank

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sorry for the delay guys... I was MIA for some times...


Updated to WOT


Added the following tanks:

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