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Squad number displays strange character instead of number

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I have installed all fonts from your "required_fonts_1.1" archive, but the squad number displayed on the OTM is still showing something like this "{|" instead of "1".


Apart from this character, I have no issue regarding fonts.

Do you still think I'm missing a font ? any idea which one could it be ?



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me again, with a different issue but still about platoon number on the OTM.


I have cleared the registry from XVM* fonts, cleared the XVM* files in Windows\fonts... but still no luck.


the issue is visible on the attached screenshot (black icon instead of the platoon number).


Any chance you have seen this issue and you know a quick fix ?


thanks :)


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I saw a quick answer from you Aslain, then it disappeared...


anyway, I have removed the XVMSymbol.ttf and reinstalled with the mod and from the font package on the mod page (http://www.mediafire.com/download/611joxgx2cz4ggm/Aslains_ModPack_Fonts.zip)


but still the same. if it has something to do with this specific font, I can try one more time to remove it completely (registry and fonts folder), then restart the computer and reinstall the mod.

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I uninstalled the font (XVMSymbol.ttf), nothing was left in the folder (checked in Dos) and in the registry, then I restarted the computer.


From there, I installed v4.2.34, I saw the font appearing in the Windows fonts folder and it seems properly installed as it is listed in the Fonts folder and in the registry.


but still the same "black" bug in game.


Any idea why ? Do you want my install config files ?

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Hi Aslain,
I'm back, I waited for 9.7 hoping it would fix this issue, but no luck.
I have reinstalled the game from scratch (also removed my "AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net" folder), but this issue is still here.
Even updated my nVidia graphics drivers.
In the registry font "XVM Symbol (TrueType)" is pointing to "XVMSymbol_11.1.ttf"
Basically, I see a black square instead of the squad number on the OTM marker on the left.


Please find attached my logs files, I hope you'll find something.
Thank you





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hi Aslain,

I have installed latest mod, and the result is a bit weird. It looks like some mods are not installed at all.
It is all messed up: tanks icons are missing, OTM is vanilla, multiline tank caroussel is gone, auto login is missing...
some other things work like the xvm minimap, xvm stats, missions auto accept...
It is the first time something that weird happens with your mod, I have reinstalled twice just to be sure, but same result.
do you want my logs ? or have you seen the same already on your side ?
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