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MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

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for a few months ive had a MAJOR issue with CVs. almost all games with them, especially my Ryujo, had a massive visual bug. all HUD elements are gone, pure visual ocean, no ship or plane icons, no chat, no map, no ship or squad info.
need to visually see planes and ships to identify where they r and what they r, making gameplay impossible.
chat doesnt even work, no response or visuals, even menu doesnt work or exist. i can issue voice commands from shortcuts but thats all so i cant even tell my team im bugged out.
restarting the whole game doesnt fix it either!!!
every time i ask about it in game, everyone says they never had it so its probably the mods. im really not sure what can cause this as i dont use CV mods.
i do use navigator, movement indicator, chat v2, regen asist, ship direction minimap lines, gold premium icons for ships and consumables, blueman detection mod, color ship previews, full tech tree.

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I have same issue. Strange to say, I was also using Ryujo.
The replay file of that battle was not created (probably because I tried to restart the game again and again...)
It does not always occur. About once in 10 battles using CV.

The last incident is Octobar 4th. After that I thought YAZOM(25%) MOD was the cause, had deleted.
So I have archived logs now, but these are slightly different from the installation condition at the time.shot-18_10.04_22.24_10-0142.thumb.jpg.d541df1ecb8b2224e8682bc3c1842d2c.jpg


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for me it happened when i wanted a CV play after a session of other ships...can also happen after a restart, no idea what is causing it.
its likely mods and its making playing CV a really bad idea now :/
i hope it can be fixed! i dont want to unistall mods just to play a CV game

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Sorry, no solution here.  However, I can confirm it is mod related.  I have had this happen several times and always in a CV game.  Force closing the game and starting the client in safe mode gets me into the game and able to play normally, minus all mods, of course.


The peculiar thing is this bug is intermittent and happens maybe 1 in 20 games.


Edit: I just noticed the comment above about zoom mods.  I have recently stopped using any enhanced zoom mods and have not had the bug since I did that.  Might be a good place to start.

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I've encounterd this incident again.
So I waited for end of battle to generate a replay file.
This file doesn't show all UI just as when playing game, but show correctly without mods (I just rename res_mods folder).
ModPack configuration has not changed since my last post.
I attach the replay file and hope this will help :)


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