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Team lists and over target markers missing.

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Prior to the latest WoT update my game v1.2.0.1 was working flawlessly with your modpack. After the update and your v1.2.0.2_00 modpack, there is definitely a conflict between the WoT game and your modpack. To start off with, without your pack my game has no issues. With it, some of the mods are working and some are not and after every battle my game locks up and will not go back to the garage. I personally do not know all of the mods that are having issues but I have listed below the one I have run into so far:


1) OTM by Aslain (Nothing shows over every tank except for the OTM Class Icon which I do not even have selected in the options)(See pics)

2) Panels by Aslain (Before each battle where you see the panel of all the players is blank. While in game I can't see any tanks on either side as both friendly and enemy panels are completely missing)(See pics)

3) I have the PogS (Color MAX VSR RLD VR) vehicle contour icons option selected and they are completely missing. (I one game I did have 2 tanks show a partial display for 2 tanks)(See pics)

4) I use the XFT integrated damage panel. Damage Done is not showing. Damage Taken is working. (See pics)

5) Vehicle Experience Extended (Option will not stay checked) - I have to check this option every time I run your modpack as it unchecks itself when I run it. This was a problem in the v1.2.0.1 modpack too. Other than that the mod works in game just fine.

6) Marks of Excellence Extended (Not showing at all right now)(It usually is blocked by the XFT integrated damage panel which is another problem I'll worry about later)(I want to see about what I need to modify to move it to the top of the screen under the WN8 Information Panel that is located just right of center at the very top)


Right now I am only using essential mods to play the game with....crosshair, scope, 3 multiline tank carousel, and extended tank tree. Everything seems to work ok with just those. For the pictures I loaded everything I normally play with, some of which works and some doesn't. And....like I said before....my game hangs up after every battle and will not return back to the garage which is shown in the last picture. All I see is the Wargaming icon spinning and thats as far as it goes. (Notice the crosshair is showing here too for some reason).


One more thing....it the first Awaiting players picture I see the mini map, and parts of the damage log and parts of Zayaz's damage panel bleeding through which I do not normally see on this screen. Is that another issue?


Hope we can figure this out.

Thanks for the help.



Logs included.



worldoftanks 2018-11-29 01-22-13-43.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 01-22-32-03.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 01-22-57-38.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-30-31-71.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-31-13-07.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-32-05-72.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-47-45-87.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-54-49-00.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-54-57-01.jpg

worldoftanks 2018-11-29 02-55-17-94.jpg



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Totally the same with my game. This is my PC desktop 100%. When I uninstall mode and start any other WORKS. So mode has to be repaired. The problem is that ASLAIN is THE BEST mode for me, and I dont know to play the game without it :P

Damn I got used to play with it like its a part of official game ???? My mistake. Now have problem ???

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