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6th Sense Skill glitching with mod pack installed.

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When I use the modpack, 6th sense is glitching. Sometimes I am spotted and it never activates. Other times it will be delayed. Sometimes just the icon will appear with no sound, or the sound will play with no icon - usually always also with a delay.

I uninstalled mods and everything works as expected. Re-installed and it's glitching again.

Not sure what to do to fix it, any help would be appreciated.





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You didn't specify what is glitching in the 6th sense, is it sound, image or both?


Maybe try without:            

Sound alert (remember to select the user sound in-game options!)
               Timer #1 sound (10sec duration)


People started to report problems with delayed 6th sense sound couple of months ago. When I asked WG about this they said that there is a chance that user overloaded his game client with too many mods. I personally believe that it's Wargaming bug, because there was no such problem earlier this year and out of sudden the very simple and same 6th sense mp3s is played with a delay.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I can't be 100% sure, but it seems like I've had delays in both the sound and the image. The reason I can't be sure is that I'm usually concentrating on something else when I get spotted. It's possible the image is appearing and I'm just not noticing it as I am playing. I have definitely gotten reliant on the sound.

Otherwise, WOT else runs extremely well on my system (140ish frame rates at ultra with all mods installed). I will try without the custom sound alert when I get home this evening.

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