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Extended Blacklist

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Eu tenho um problema quando instalei os mods e acho que no meu BlackList há apenas os dois players bloqueados e não os 100.000 que falam no instalador juntos envio duas impressões para poder analisar o problema.

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blacklisted names on the razor
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What exactly is your problem here?


You only have two people in your blacklist.


The mod doesn't add 100.000 random players to your blacklist, and it sounds like that's what you expected?

It allows you to have more on your blacklist than normally in the game.

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I thought he'd add it to me then delete it but rather get more space later on my friends list. But if that's not how it works, it solves my problem. Can I now add more friends to my friends list or can I only have the 300 Friends I already have?

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Yeah, it allows you to have more friends and more people on your blacklist

It doesn't add anyone to the list :-)

I don't know what the default lists are, but if it's 300 as you mentioned, then the mod should allow you to have up to 3000 people instead.

And blacklist up to 100.000 :)

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