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Various Bugs

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Since latest WOT update/maintenance and installing latest modpack

Hit - Damage panels at to of screen not selected

Damage done area is  duplicated damage received damage done not showing

Enemy tank names reversed 



3 rows selected only 2 appear

Info above vehicle ( no idea where it  came from )


Only noticed this since was installed along with update/maintenance today




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#6 causes some XVM related issues that forces me to use #5 again. The following occurs;


Ping/number of players at loading doesn’t work.

XVM carousel doesn’t work (i have three rows and only one is showing) 


I haven’t tried playing with the latest modpack. 



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Hey, i'v been using this modpack for a while with no problems but today i updated from to and it's changed all my mod settings. I uninstalled it and did it from freash and i'v still got the same isuess,can someone tell me why or what i'm doing wrong?


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