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Players Panel with XVM Indicator


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Hi Aslain,

Could you please add an option to include the XVM indicator icon within the players panels (i.e. like it already is included within the statistics form)?


I was able to enable this by editing the playersPanel.xc file, as per below, which end up looking like the sample in the attached screenshot.

    "xvmUserMarker": {
      "enabled": true,
      "x": 0, "y": 8, "bindToIcon": false,
      "src": "xvm://res/icons/xvm/xvm-user-{{xvm-user|none}}.png"



The spacing isn't great, ideally I'd like to set "x": 2 or higher, but I don't know how to shift the platoon icon over so that the symbols don't overlap.  Any help would be appreciated.  That being said, it would great if you could include this as an option within the modpack.


Thank You.


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Well i'm no unicum but there are plenty of games where i'm best or among the best. Some maps just dont have arty cover and it is unavoidable of you are spotted :) but honestly i think xvm focus is over hyped.


You said it yourself, consider how aggressive you are going be and thats where it is. .. going all in get you spotted first or at least more than the rest so its obvious you get more attention.  That hasnt got anything to do with xvm focus.




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