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Issue with Hakkabase side panel option window

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Clicking the COG for Hakkabase side panel and you can't see most of the options nor can you seem to move the window or close it once opened.  Half the options window isn't even shown.  Similar to that rolisch post about the same thing I assume.



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Hey, I can confirm the same issue is occurring with BadoBEST V2, and the AutoSpy side panels, even with #2. Deleting the preferences file does reset it, but unable to modify side panel settings with the gear or it stays up in the left hand corner.



Thanks for all your effort mate.



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I'm unable to reproduce this, what actions do you do in gears menu, do you click on any particular options? I'd like to reproduce your movements there.


However even if there is still such problem I can't do a thing about it, it has to be fixed by mod authors. I can only remove that mods from modpack.

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Understood regarding the fix, I will avoid clicking it for now. Regarding my actions once open, I actually don't click anything once I open the gear menu, I just open it and its up in the left corner to the point I cant drag it out of there and cant click the gear box again either to close it as it is covered by the menu that pops up.


Will wait on the authors to fix it up before altering my settings. Thanks for all you do.

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