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XVM setting "Top clans count rated wGM" does not control clan logo display

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As described in http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/...#entry16824071 at least one of the XVM configs included in the Aslain mod pack always show full icons available with the "clanicons-full" file, no matter what you have personally defined in your XVM setting "Top clans count rated wGM" in your profile on the XVM homepage.


I would like to see only the logos of the Top50 clans as I set "Top clans count rated wGM" to 50.


Here the uploaded "Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip":




BR, T0m0n

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I am not fully familiar with the system, but i can try sharing some light on the subject of clan icons.

1. XVM config has nothing to do with top XXX clan icons, it can either display clan icon or not. Simple yes/no and that's about it. (if you have icon for X clan it willl display it)
2. As Aslain said, don't download clan icons from modpack, you will get all icons. There is no way to get only top XXX icons from modpack.
3. Your personal settings on xvm site/cabinet is the key (Top clans count rated wGM:XXX).
  As you play/join battles xvm (not modpack or aslain's config) will download/populate those clan images, depending on your wGM settings and if clan is in top XXX.

Keep in mind wGM icon obtain system is not 100% perfect, but you should have those icons downloaded/populated over time.
That all depends on xvm (not your config) and whatever/whoever sends those info/icons to your client, wg? wgAPI?

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As far as i know, yes (that is how wGM system should work).
xvm should sends you those images/icons as you play the game, they are not included inside modpack (only full list with all icons).

-ps. someone correct me if i am wrong.

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