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Extended Tech Tree Move

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When I go to the tech tree to pick a boat to play (retired shipyard - we call everything that floats boats), I have noticed that Tirpitz B, Asashio B, Massachusetts B and Atago B  are all located at the Events tab.  Is it possible to move them to their actual countries?  Or should I post this for WOWS forum?  This would make moving captains easier when I see the whole country's boats in one page.  Just an idea.  Thanks

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That would be up to the author of the mod to move them back, doesn't make much sense they are in the Events tab, since the B versions aren't Event ships like the Halloween ships and so on.


Also, moved the thread over to Warships section, since you posted it in tanks.  :P

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6 minutes ago, Battlenat0r said:

also should be under issues/bug ;-) 

It's not a bug.

Is it an issue? Not really.

So he's requesting that they're moved. I think this section is quite fitting.

And if not this, then general discussion.

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