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Direction indicator

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I was wondering if I am dumb and can't find the non-xvm mod called 'Direction indicator of the closest enemy' or is it removed? Update 1.5


Its certainly not in the same place where it was on previous updates...

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This ....


I was looking for that mod as well. One of the best / most useful. It is the only mod I really use (apart from auto-equip). 

Sorry to see the mod go. But if it's about to be banned, then I guess I'm glad you've taken it out already.


Good job on your mod-pack. It makes the game better! 

(and your contours are the best!)

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On 5/8/2019 at 3:35 PM, Aslain said:

Yeah I agree that mod was usefull, probably too much usefull. I'm taking care of users, and don't want anyone to get banned accidentaly. That's why it was removed prematurely.

Wargaming changed their mind several times over the years on if the mod was legal or not.  Until recently, they said it was legal because it didn't show anything that you can't get from a legal zoom out mod or from communication with teammates. 


Now I wonder if they will ban communication with teammates next because it gives an unfair advantage. lol

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