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Arty Logs moves back to default position in EVERY battle

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Heya Aslain :grin:


When you move the Arty Log to where you want it in battle, when you go into the next battle, it returns to the original default position. When you actually try to set the coordinates using the mod button in garage, it has no effect.


It was fine in  v1.5.0.0 #03 but not in v1.5.0.0 #04


Many thanks




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Now updated to version #09 and the problem is back again. Move the log in game and it's back in the default position again in the next game. I understand from some other players that the problem never went away for them.

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On 5/11/2019 at 6:47 PM, Aslain said:

It's coincidence. I have not touched this mod in recent updates.

Getting really weird now. It now stays where I put it on EU but on NA it still moves back to default position !!!!!!!!!!! Same setup on both.

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Ok - I can now confirm what I have found. When the modpack is FIRST installed, the Arty Log keep moving back to the default position for every game. You have to CLOSE the game down and then restart the game for the position you place it in to become permanent. It's as if the file/setting is ONLY read when the game starts up and not read at the start of each battle any more. It has been like this for the last few patches.

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no worries, I'm just going to go without ;)


I went back and uninstalled and reinstalled - same issue, unlocked and resets position after each battle...that's after exiting and restarting the game..

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