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Total credits in battle results window.

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I noticed yesterday that the credits earned are the gross credits. So i was not making any credits at all.

This is since update 1.5 and using aslains mod pack #4. You can see the net income in the detailed results screen but I really rather have the results in the first tab.


I tried a custom "battle results mod" but that only changed the picture nothing else.


I searched though the game settings but I cannot find any thing.


Does anyone know if this was a mod that might have been removed (if so do you know which one?) or is this something WG changed in update 1.5? Via Google searches I find nothing. 


Not super important but very annoying.



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@macron0 using xvm?
If you are talking about wrong display of credits earn in battleresults on first page (showing reserve stock earn).
It was xvm issue but fixed (not sure if in v9022 or newer v9026).
If still on #4 you should get latest #5 (has xvm v9024 with more fixes for battleresults).

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Hi Ress,


Thank you for your reply.


I have been using xvm for ages. I will try #5 tonight. I just know I always got a positive credits result yesterday even when spamming all gold (the total in the detailed results that game  was -70k)


But it sounds very plausible it might be xvm. Never really tought about it that xvm does more than just stats (and the minimap)





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It's only weird if you are not jumping the bandwagon with right mindset like most people do. :sleepy:

Once you do it's all makes sense, eXtended Visualization Mod auto translates to stats mod, simple as that...

Can't wait to see people starts complaining about xvm again in future when wg removes/hides personal stats. :lol:

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