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help pls

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Hello. In the Aslain's installer check that the installation path is:
C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks_EU, or search and search: C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks_EU

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hace 1 hora, gaulois60 dijo:

Hola. En el instalador de Aslain, verifique que la ruta de instalación sea:
C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks_EU, o busque y busque: C: \ Games \ World_of_Tanks_EU

yo tengo el problema que la ruta de instalacion es en steam pero al seleccionar la carpeta me sale esto

no lo tengo instalado en C:/Games/World of Warship



Sin título.png

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In view of the screenshots you have a path problem between disk "E" and disk "C"
Make sure you give the right path to the Aslain installer. In general under windows 10, any installation is done on "C", you games are on "E" and this causes problem


The best solution would be to use Aslains logs Archiver and send to Forum Aslains

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Can be a solution go to "E" left mouse click on World of Warships and copy the path to / This PC> Local Disk (E)> ...........> World of Warships and paste the path in
the installer Aslains

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1 hour ago, chelocab said:

I have the problem that the installation path is in steam but when selecting the folder I get this
I do not have it installed in C: / Games / World of Warship

First screenshot select inside folder (not only world of warships folder)

E:\Program Files\steam\SteamApps\common\World of Warships\bin\<select latest game version>\
More info on your last screenshot (ignore C:\ part, since your steam is on E:\)

Installing on C: is not really required, modpack should still detect right path
but since you are using steam version just manually select correct folder

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hace 29 minutos, Ress dijo:

Selección de la primera captura de pantalla dentro de la carpeta (no solo la carpeta de

World of Warrings ) E: \ Archivos de programa \ steam \ SteamApps \ common \ World of Warships \ bin \ <seleccionar la última versión del juego> \
Más información en su última captura de pantalla (ignorar C: \ parte , ya que su vapor está en E: \) La

instalación en C: no es realmente necesaria, modpack aún debe detectar la ruta correcta,
pero ya que está usando la versión de Steam, simplemente seleccione manualmente la carpeta correcta

lo mismo me sale que no esta el juego alli en la carpeta 1491147 donde esta el juego en su ultima version tampoco me deja 








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