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Contour Icons not showing

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Good evening,


I've encountered an issue a few days ago while installing aslain's modpack, and to be more specific, i had problems with contour icons missing. After a little searching i found out that iconset.xc file in World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain folder had the atlas correctly, but the filename for the atlas seems to be case sensitive.


I changed the following and worked like a charm since:


BattleAtlas index was battleAtlas with lower case "b", once i changed it to capital "B" it worked fine.


 * Icons set atlases. Path relative to res_mods/x.x.x/gui/flash/atlases. DEFAULT XVM
 * Атласы с набором иконок. Пути относительно res_mods/x.x.x/gui/flash/atlases.
  "iconset": {
    // Path to the atlas with icons for the battle loading screen.
    // Путь к атласу с иконками для экрана загрузки боя.
    "battleLoadingLeftAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    "battleLoadingRightAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    // Path to the atlas with icons for the players panels.
    // Путь к атласу с иконками для "ушей".
    "playersPanelLeftAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    "playersPanelRightAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    // Path to the atlas with icons for the full stats form (on "Tab" key pressed).
    // Путь к атласу с иконками для формы подробной статистики (при нажатии клавиши "Tab").
    "fullStatsLeftAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    "fullStatsRightAtlas": "BattleAtlas",
    // Path to the atlas with icons for the over-target markers.
    // Путь к атласу с иконками для маркеров над танками.
    "vehicleMarkerAllyAtlas": "vehicleMarkerAtlas",
    "vehicleMarkerEnemyAtlas": "vehicleMarkerAtlas"


Sorry if i messed you, i tried to make it as simple as possible and attached the whole content of the iconset.xc file in case someone is too lazy to change the letters :)

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Out of curiosity i had to check my config and atlases.
Didn't even noticed upper case "B" on my atlases, but somehow it works just fine ingame, even my BattleAtlasEnemy. What? :astonished:

Games default (res\packages\gui.pkg\gui\flash\atlases\) and xvm default (iconset.xc) is battleAtlas.dds

However i did noticed that TIM (b161) saves as BattleAtlases.xxx and vehicleMarkerAtlas.xxx ...makes no sense. :smirk:

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I'm using windows 10 pro. It worked for me fine as well till 1.5 update . After that they just didn't show up although all files were in place. No matter which contour icons of yours i was using, they weren't showing except from default. Curiously enough, it worked by just changing the first letter of index from lowercase to uppercase. That was the reason i did this post, as i tried re-installing WoT and didn't work either. If i have the same problem on next upgrade i'll have all the logs attached in case there is a bug or something on certain machines only.

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1 hour ago, Raymius said:

Still not working in Version #03

Using windows 10?

This issue makes no sense in the first place, anyway with #03 atlases use lowercase b, shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Still, post your logs

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I didn't have any issues since. #3 Installed and working like a charm, everything installed correctly and working. Your problem should be either on missing files or installed something that can't co-exist with the icons.


Gonna update the client and modpack today to see if it's still working, but i don't think anything have changed since these are micro-patches.

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