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Girls Und Panzer Crew Voices and Pictures

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My boyfriend, Buddy Deeds and I created a mod that allows you to hear the Girls Und Panzer (English Dub) crew voices and see them in your Hangar/Barracks. Buddy has posted a link to it in the NA forums. We both use Aslain mod pack and would love to see our mod included.


Buddy recently posted them on Curse gaming, as well.





He also has a Megamind voice pack that he made. I hope we can get them included.


Thanks.  :D


Babe_Ruthless (SEUSA) - NA Server

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I LOVE having it downloading with ur modpack....so much easier than installing it manually after each update.


THANX !!!!!!


By the way, here is the link for the Megamind crew mod that Buddy made.


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