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Larger Minimap Names - Size Adjustment

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So i figured someone might feel as i do, that the minimap names mod size is way too big.


To adjust this to what i previously used in alt_minimap, i made the following addition:


Add: (fontSize  = "11")

To the style in the bottom of the mod file, as showed below.



    (style (width = 100%) (align = "center"))
        (class $FontEnableReadability)
        (class $TextDefaultBoldNM)
            (marginTop = "6px")
            (fontSize  = "11")
            (bind textColor "textColor")
        (bind text "shipName")


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Thanks. Funny I tried that before in the exact same spot and it didnt work, but I used fontsize instead fontSize. Maybe that thing is case sensitive. In next modpack I will add few sizes to select from then. If that works :)

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