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Please help me identifying this or consider introducing if isnt included.


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Hello there,

Can someone tell me what mod is this in WG modpack selection ?

My reticle keeps bumping while keeping cursor on a position and exiting to arcade mode from sniper mode.

same thing happens even with vanilla game. I think i found solution which is included here. ie Adjust range scope.

i tried pmod horizontal stabilization also in-game horizontal stabilization there was no change.

Please let me know is this something new or some already existed mod in Aslains modpack.

If not include please add this mod.

Thanks and regards.

Screenshot (25).png

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Horizontal stabilization is something totally different and unrelated to the weird behavior that happens when aiming at ridges.


BalCalc for example, can do what you're looking for, it's in the modpack. Not sure if there's another option.

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Hey there @Quaksen

I believe BalCalc is related to ballistic calculation to hit target near or far.

Problem is when i keep my reticle somewhere in sniper mode and exit to arcade mode reticle jumps down.

its like i have to keep looking in sniper mode to make sure shot will hit. it should be on same spot na isnt it? may it be arcade or sniper unless am moving turret or tank.

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BalCalc would do what the mod you have pointed out in the screenshot would..


The reticle would jump against ridgelines, since on target and then aiming next to it, the aim changes and adjusts to the far away terrain.


I think what you're seeing is that when you exit sniper mode, your cursor/aimpoint moves and then your aim/crosshair would change too.

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I assure you have tried Balcalc mod only solution or nearest one i got is what i mention.


That is a possibility TBH. But if it was that trait should continue with selected feature also right.

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