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What mods are in the modpack?

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A bit flat list but you get the idea:



----------------------------[ The XVM section ]-------------------------------------------
-----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
OTM by XVM team
OTM by night_dragon_on
OTM by LuckyCrusky
OTM by demon2597
OTM by vlad_cs_sr
OTM by Tornado_Odan_Rot
OTM by Solo
OTM by Webium
OTM by Hawg
OTM by KAPb14
OTM by Bones
OTM with thick HP bars by Aslain
with player names
OTM by Aslain
1st line over HP bar
1st line: Vehicle name
star marker for premium vehicles
colored by ally/enemy
1st line: Player name
colored by ally/enemy.
1st line: Vehicle contour icon
2nd line over HP bar
2nd line: Player name
2nd line: Vehicle name
2nd line: Numeral stats
2nd line: Graphical stats (3 stars)
2nd line: Graphical stats (4 stars)
2nd line: Clan icons
in normal view
under alt key
Left side of HP bar
Left: Roman tier number
Left: Arab tier number
Right side of HP bar
Right: Roman number
Right: Arab number
Right: HP (%)
Right: Tank Win Ratio
Right: Marks of Excellence
Rating marker icon
Rating marker: square
Rating marker: square on hp bar
Rating marker: star
Rating marker: dot
Low HP mark (below 25% hp)
Low HP mark: on the right side of hp bar
Low HP mark: over the hp bar #1
Low HP mark: over the hp bar #2
OTM Class Icons
OTM Class Icons: Default
OTM Class Icons: Show Tank Tier instead of Class Icon
OTM Player's position in the beginning of battle (for CW only)
position: default
position: bottom
Show in Clan Wars only
Style of floating damage texts
Colored text with black outlines
White text with colored outlines
Floating markings of destroyed vehicles
Angel Wings for both enemies, and allies
Tank name for both enemies, and allies
Nuke icon for enemy, angel wings for ally
Skull and Bones for both ally and enemy
Skull and Bones for both ally and enemy v2
Skull and Bones icon for enemy, angel wings for ally
Tank souls for both enemies, and allies
Tank souls for both enemies, and allies [tank icon only]
Vehicle hp
Vehicle hp: current / max
Vehicle hp: current
Vehicle hp: percent
Vehicle hp colored by ally/enemy
Stock turret marker
Markers for spotted and flipped tanks on the OTM [XMQP]
The shadow intensity behind OTM
strong shadow
weak shadow
-------------------[ Panels & Windows (in-battle) ]--------------------------
Panels by XVM Team
Panels by NDO
Panels by Webium
Panels by Solo
Panels by Quickbaby
Panels by Aslain
Battle Loading
Battle Loading: simple
Battle Loading: simple with vehicle names
Battle Loading: from XVM Team
Statistics tab (under Tab key)
Statistics Tab: Simple
Statistics Tab: Simple with vehicle names
Statistics Tab: Advanced
Statistics Tab: from XVM Team
Remove rank badge icon
Remove country flags
Remove xvm icons
Players Panel
Medium panels (default)
Medium: short player's names
Medium: full player's names
Medium & short: from default XVM
Medium & short: with rating squares (ZeesuS)
Large panel
Large: Advanced (both overal & individual tank stats)
Large: Simple panel #1 (the specific tank individual stats only)
Large: Simple panel #2 (overal stats only)
Large: from default XVM
Large: with rating squares (ZeesuS)
Start mode
Start mode: none
Start mode: short
Start mode: medium #1
Start mode: medium #2
Start mode: large (WoT default)
Background transparency
transparency: 0 (full)
transparency: 15 (strong)
transparency: 35 (medium)
transparency: 60 (weak) [WoT default]
Show HP bars
HP bars: on the sides of panel (under L.ALT)
HP bars: on the sides of panel (always visible)
HP bars: fixed size
HP bars: proportional
HP bars: thin
Show enemy spotted markers
marker: Bulb #1 (from XVM)
marker: Bulb #2
marker: Bulb #3
marker: The Eye
Hide icons for
not spotted vehicles
spotted vehicles
Show more visible frags on Players Panel
Show clan icons on Players Panel
Show client flags
Show XMQP markers [PP]
----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]-----------------------------------------------
Show 50m auto-detection circle
thin turquoise circle
regular white circle
Show 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow)
Show 564m maximum drawing distance circle (red)
with bold line
Show dynamic view range circle (blue)
Show view range circle while in motion (navy blue)
Show view range circle while standing (white)
Show range circle for machinegun & spg (thin red)
Show vehicle direction line
long & thin green line
short & strong white line
Show camera direction line
turquoise line with dots every 100m
yellow line with dots every 100m
white line with dots every 100m
Show gun traverse lines
Show icons for destroyed tanks
Show HP circles on the minimap
Show player names
Player names colored by rating
Show vehicle names
Tank names colored by rating
The alternative minimap mode (when ALT is pressed)
Show vehicle tier on the minimap: roman numbers
Show vehicle tier on the minimap: arab numbers
Show players rating on the minimap
Show players name on the minimap
Show players name colored by rating on the minimap
Show HP circles on the minimap.
Icon scale
Icon scale: x0.65
Icon scale: x0.9
Icon scale: x1.0 (default)
Icon scale: x1.1
Icon scale: x1.2
Icon scale: x1.3
Minimap zoom
Bottom right corner
Artillery sight on the minimap
type 1
type 2
type 3
type 4
type 5
type 6
type 7
type 8
type 9
type 10
----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]----------------------------------------------
version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers)
draggable with mouse
default XVM hitlog
hitlog for Damage Log SeaFalcon
hitlog for Damage Log integrated XFT
hitlog for Damage Log split XFT
-----------[ XVM Damage Log (movable with L.CTRL + mouse)]---------------
Damage Log from XVM team
Damage Log by kszys
Hide central feedback
--------------------[ Efficiency counters ]----------------------------------------
counters over damage panel
counters on top of screen
----------------------[ Color Scheme ]----------------------------------------------
Green vs. Red
Green vs. Violet (CB)
-----------------------[ The XVM player statistics ]-------------------------------
Rating scale
10 colors by WotLabs.net (with different red colors)
10 colors by WotLabs.net (original)
10 colors by WotLabs.net (Color Blind)
9 colors by Aslain (wotlab's old scale) [outdated!]
8 colors by QuickBaby
6 colors by Team XVM (with better blue color)
6 colors by Team XVM (original XVM scale)
----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]--------------------------------------
Show 6th sense icon for 10 seconds
Custom icons
the all seeing eye v1
the all seeing eye v2
Szarik (by Aslain)
Szarik v1
Szarik v1 (cut-out)
Szarik v2
Polish Eagle
Trap Sense (Star Wars)
John Cleese
Metal Gear
Boobs [adult content!]
Girls Und Panzer icon
Yellow Sign
Minions icon
Seal icon
Jean-Luc Picard
Stewie Griffin
Stay High
Red sign
Yellow bulb
Orange bulb #1
Orange bulb #2
The A-Team
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator)
WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Don't panic!
MLP Pinkie Sense
The Witcher sign
Donald Trump
Bloody Hand
What I do
Feeling Lucky
You've been spotted
Porg from Star Wars
Monty Python “Run away!”
Mighty Jingles
Redneck Rampage
Sound alert (remember to select the user sound in-game options!)
Metal Gear sound
Predator sound
Szarik the dog Sense sound
double "woof"
triple "woof"
triple "woof" with timer
single "woof"
Forged73 sound
Sauron sound
Minion sound
Girls Und Panzer sound
Trap Sense sound (Star Wars)
Red Alert sound
Stewie Griffin sound
Stay High sound
Timer #1 sound (10sec duration)
Timer #2 sound (10sec duration)
The A-Team sounds
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator) sound
Awolnation Run sound
Uciekaj v1 (by dziab_bum) [PL]
Uciekaj v2 (by dziab_bum) [PL]
Star Wars Porg sound
Monty Python sound "Run Away!"
Jingles sound v1
Jingles sound v2
Surprice Motherflocker
Redneck Rampage sound
---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
Hide "Premium shop" button
Hide "General" chat button
Hide counter on the system channel button
Hide promotional premium vehicle (on the background in the hangar)
Hide session stats button
Hide info window with list of received awards for "Reward for Merit"
Show Price button in the tech tree & research page
Show The mastery mark on the tech tree
Show account statistics next to selected tank
Show active Personal Reserves
Personal Reserves #1
Personal Reserves #2
Equip Auto Return
Crew Auto Return
Show Gold spending locker
Show Free XP spending locker
Show Bonds spending locker
Change lockers color to red/green
Show the hangar clock
12h (AM/PM)
-----------------[ Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM ]-------------------------
normal carousel
Use game settings
1 normal row
2 normal rows
3 normal rows
4 normal rows
5 normal rows
Scale of carousel cells
0.8 (shrinked)
1.0 (default)
1.2 (enlarged)
Show advanced info on carousel
Mastery Mark + Marks of Excellence + Battle-Tiers (in percent)
Mastery Mark + Marks of Excellence + Battle-Tiers + Win Rate
Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence , Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage
Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage
Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence, Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage + WN8 expected tank damage
Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage + WN8 expected tank damage
carousel stats by Katsumoto
carousel stats by DEbranded
small carousel
Use game settings.
1 small row
2 small rows
3 small rows
4 small rows
5 small rows
carousel: transparent background
carousel: hide stats field that appears on the mouse hover
carousel: hide Info text (Crew incomplete, Repairs required)
carousel: hide Info images
--------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
Enable Auto-login to the game
Show server ping at login screen and in hangar
Show online users at login screen
Show in-battle clock
Show Team WN8 with Win Chance
Team WN8: position no. 1
Team WN8: position no. 2
Team WN8: position no. 3
Win Chance only
XVM debugPanel
debugPanel: v1
debugPanel: v2
debugPanel: v3
debugPanel: v4
debugPanel: v5
debugPanel: v6
debugPanel: v7
debugPanel: v8
debugPanel: v9
XVM sight
Sight: Splash Sphere for SPG [hotkey - B]
Sight: AutoAim Indicator
Sight: AutoAim Indicator v1 (arrow)
Sight: AutoAim Indicator v2 (cylinder)
Aim Info
Sight: Aim Time
Sight: Flight Time
Sight: Shell speed
Sight: only in spg view mode
Sight: change color from white to green
Sight: position no. 1 (on the right)
Sight: position no. 2 (on the top)
Sight: position no. 3 (on the bottom)
Battle hints
Hide the changing aiming mode hint
Hide the siege mode switch and changing the driving mode hint
Hide the personal missions hint
Hide the help screen hint
Hide the tips about radar activation ("Steel Hunter" mode)
Team HP on the battle interface
#0 Numbers only
#1 WGL
#2 Arm
#3 Fallout
#4 Straight
#5 BO
Class colored icons on the score board
markers style: main
markers style: main + numbers under alt
markers style: numbers
Show alive players count instead of frags on Score Board
Show repair panel on center of screen with L.CTRL
Show repair timers on damage panel
Favorite Server (remembers selected login server)
Postmortem Panel
Disable completely (includes dog tag and description)
Disable dog tags only
Disable switching between players on the minimap after death
Colorize in-battle chat
XVM's clan icons addon (updated on 15.07.2019)
icons for EU region
icons for NA region
icons for ASIA region
icons for RU region
Gun Reload Sound
UP v2
Sabot UP
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Akiyama Yukari reload
from movie Fury
XVM sounds
Disable all XVM sounds
Don't play Fire & Ammorack damage sounds
-----------------------[ The Mod Pack (non-XVM mods) ]----------------------------
Vehicle Contour Icons
Contour Icons installation mode (option to mirror tank contour icons)
for XVM (check - if you're installing XVM)
for Non-XVM (check - if you aren't installing XVM)
display unaltered icons in WoT's OTM
Aslains icons
Original WG icons colored with my style
Simple with small font
Simple with small font (colorblind)
Simple with big font
Simple with big font (colorblind)
Contour icons with arab tiers
Contour icons with arab tiers (colorblind)
Contour icons with roman tiers
Contour icons with roman tiers (colorblind)
3D icons with arab tiers
3D icons with arab tiers (colorblind)
3D icons with roman tiers
3D icons with roman tiers (colorblind)
Webium Style
Witblitz colors
Witblitz: Neon
Witblitz: Super Mini
Witblitz: Compact
Witblitz: Compact (vibrant colors)
Aslain colors
Witblitz: Neon (alt)
Witblitz: Super Mini (alt)
Witblitz: Compact (alt)
Witblitz: Compact (vibrant colors) (alt)
"Best Icons Ever" by Grandorf
original version
Aslain's edit
Neon icons
Neon icons (Aslain's edit)
Neon icons without names (Aslain's edit)
Neon icons without names
Wizard (Aslain)
Wizard: roman numbers
Wizard: arab numbers
Contrabass rework (Aslain)
Ashbane (Arby)
Ashbane: VR.R
Ashbane: VR.HP
Jackhammer (Patejl352)
Man1aq (wojtus11)
DEbranded: 3d
DEbranded: 2d 
DEbranded: simple
Ghostman101278 v1
Ghostman101278 v2 
Riskynet (Ragnarocek)
Color Simple
Clear Simple
WoT's original icons
--------------------------[ PMOD ]------------------------------------
Zoom-in for sniper mode
Zoom-in: 2-4-8-10
Zoom-in: 2-4-8-16
Zoom-in: 2-4-8-16-24-30
Zoom-in: 2-4-6-8-10-12-16-20-30
Zoom-in: 1.6-3-5-8-13-21-28-34-40-48
Zoom-in: 1.6-3-5-8-13-21-28-34-40-42-51-60
Zoom-in: 1.6-3-6-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60
Zoom-out in arcade mode
60m away max
100m away max
300m away max
500m away max
Scroll sensitivity in arcade view
Low (5 - default)
Medium (10)
High (20)
Default zoom settings (unchecked = remember last sniper zoom)
Disable gun shake effect after shot
Disable red flash when enemy hit your tank
Disable handbrake in sniper view (TD's only)
Scope Shadow Remover
Show extra zoom indicator on crosshair
Enable free camera in replays [activate F3]
Enable horizontal stabilization in sniper mode
Armour Penetration Indicator
Indicator from PMOD
Server crosshair
Server Gun Marker by Elkano
Dispersion Circle
ServerMarker by Awfultanker [doesn't work in spg view]
Standard red
Standard green
Standard blue
Pentagon green
Pentagon blue
Pentagon red
PMOD server crosshair
server crosshair: white
server crosshair: red
server crosshair: magenta
server crosshair: blue
server crosshair: cyan
server crosshair: green
server crosshair: yellow
server crosshair: orange
server crosshair: fancy blue
display shapes in high contrast (outlined)
Toggle with hotkey: N
crosshair scale
0.5 (small)
1.0 (big)
----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
crosshair: Default WG crosshair
crosshair: J1mB0 v1 
crosshair: J1mB0 v2
crosshair: J1mB0 v3
crosshair: Fatality
crosshair: Harpoon regular
crosshair: Harpoon minimal
crosshair: Damocles Sword
crosshair: HARDscope
crosshair: Taipan
crosshair: Taipan2
crosshair: Zayaz
crosshair: Minimalistic
crosshair: Warplanes Classic
crosshair: Blue Light
crosshair: Blue minimalistic
crosshair: Almost Standard 
crosshair: marsoff
crosshair: Kellerman Blue
crosshair: RoughNecks
crosshair: Destroyer Green
crosshair: Destroyer Blue
crosshair: Oreshkin Green
crosshair: Oreshkin Blue
crosshair: Pulse
crosshair: Strike
crosshair: Protanki
crosshair: Standard+
crosshair: Standard in White
crosshair: Warrior
crosshair: Terminator
crosshair: Achilles
crosshair: Sniper
crosshair: Octagon
crosshair: Eagle
crosshair: Wolfhound
crosshair: Melty
crosshair: 2DZoom
crosshair: Armored Warfare
crosshair: Giacint
crosshair: Deegie
crosshair: Staple
crosshair: Predator
crosshair: Devastator
crosshair: Animated
crosshair: Mjölnir (green)
crosshair: Mjölnir (blue)
crosshair: Circle
crosshair: Strv
Aim circle
aim circle: Default with more visible arty circle
aim circle: 2DZoom
aim circle: Warrior
aim circle: Staple
aim circle: Pulse
aim circle: Predator
aim circle: Oreshkin
aim circle: Melty
aim circle: marsoff
aim circle: double green
aim circle: Giacint
aim circle: Destroyer
aim circle: deegie
aim circle: Blue
aim circle: Blue Light
aim circle: White v1 (dashed)
aim circle: Strike
SPG crosshair
spg crosshair: Damocles
spg crosshair: Deegie
spg crosshair: Melty
Battle Assistant for SPG
Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
Custom Damage Indicator
Indicator: version #1
Indicator: version #2
Indicator: version #3
Indicator: version #4
Indicator: version #5
ATAC! (enemy in proximity 100m warning)
15m circle mod (displays a 15m circle around your vehicle on F9 key)
Spotted Extended Light
Sixth Sense 10sec duration [PMOD]
Colored Damage Stickers
stickers v1
stickers v2
stickers v3
stickers v4
stickers v5
Tank Lights
Headlights + stop and turn lights
Police flasher for own tank
Colored neons on tracks
Night Sky
Crew Skill Informer (activation: BACKSPACE)
Debug Panels (lag, fps, clock indicator etc.)
Debug Panel arrow (by Ragnarocek)
Debug Panel ball (by Ragnarocek)
-----------------------[ Aim Helping mods ]---------------------------------------
AutoAim Indication+ (legit version)
Easier autoaim locking (time snapping)
AA tries to lock for: 1 sec
AA tries to lock for: 1.5 sec
AA tries to lock for: 2 sec
AA tries to lock for: 2.5 sec
AA tries to lock for: 5 sec
AA tries to lock for: infinite time (until toggled)
block shooting at wrecks
block shooting at allies
Announce gun reloading with C [double C key press to reload non-empty clips]
tracks & engine repair + extinguisher on 'T' key
Safe Shot
Safe Shot OldSkool
Safe Shot wgmods
Block shooting at wrecks & allies for 2s
Block shooting at wrecks for 2s
BalCalcMod (balistic calculation helper)
activated by 'Q' key
activated by 'F' key
Aim Info
Aiming timer
Group 1
Arty Projecticle Flight Time by budy69x
Arty Projecticle Flight Time by OldSkool
---------------------[ Info Panel mods ]-----------------------------------------
Info Panel Izeberg
Info Panel OldSkool
-------------------[ Chat mods  ]----------------------------------
Colored chat messages "Chat + Kill-log" [EN,PL,RU]
Show results from previous battle (EN,PL,RU) [PMOD]
SpotMessenger: Chirimen
SpotMessenger: OldSkool
Reload notification in chat
Radial Menu
Received Damage Announcer by Elkano
announce arty hits
-------------------[ Damage Logs ]-----------------------------------
Damage Log GambitER
Hide player names
Damage done & blocked position
top-right position
top-right one line position
under left players panel position
right over damage panel position
Damage Log GambitER (light version)
Damage Log GambitER (config with Zayaz style)
Damage Log GambitER (config by PapaDigi)
Damage Log GambitER (config by ZeesuS)
Damage Log GambitER (split config by XFT)
Damage Log GambitER (integrated config by XFT)
Damage Log GambitER (config by SeaFalcon)
Hide central feedback.
Move logs to the right
-------------------[ Damage Panels ]-----------------------------------
Damage Panel with angles
Damage Panel KobkaG
Damage Panel Zayaz
Damage Panel Shtys
Damage Panel Rabbit
Damage Panel LegionLost
Mini Damage Panel
Damage Panel Glass
Damage Panel Octagon mini
Console Damage panel
-------------------[ Non-XVM hitlogs ]-----------------------------------
InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki]
Info: WN8
Info: WN8 + DIFF
Info: EFF
Info: EFF + DIFF
Info: WN8 + EFF
Info: WN8 + EFF + DIFF
Info: WN8 + DMG + EFF + CREDITS - bold
In battle statistics by RaJCeL
Team HP Pool
Team HP Bar Arm [PMOD]
Team HP Bar by Locastan [PMOD]
Team HP Counter by Tratatank [PMOD]
Team HP Counter WGL [PMOD]
Gold ammo visibility mod
Light Blue
Lime Green
Illuminati animated 6th sense icon [+ plays default WoT 6th sense sound]
Spotting markers (without XVM) [PMOD]
Extras on Player Panels
Tank Health Bars by CHAMPi
Friends Marker 
Friends Notifier
Shell info
Arty Log (logging arty hits)
Final Shot (Last hits)
Real time in-Battle achivements
Repair Izeberg
-------------------[ Graphical performance mods ]-----------------------------------
FPS Limiter
No Fog + Max Far Plane
Limpid Stickers - invisible decals, emblems, camouflage and clan logos
Annoying Features Remover 
Remove: Clan logo in Hangar and Battle
Remove: Camouflage in Hangar and Battle
Remove: Decals in Hangar and Battle
Remove: Crew Incomplete Hint in Hangar
Remove: Dog Tags Widget in Hangar
Remove: Dog Tags Widget in Battle
WoT Tweaks
Disable High details
Disable Exhaus smoke
Disable Wreckage smoke
Disable Shot smoke and flames
Disable Shell explosion effects
Disable Tank hit effects
Disable Tank destruction effects
Disable Tree motion effects
Disable Clouds
-----------------------[ Garage mods ]-------------------------------------------
Garage appearance
Hangar: Customization
Hangar: Minimalistic
Garage icons
Tank icons
Tech-Tree & Battle Results
Class colored icons (v1)
Class colored icons (v2)
Camouflage colored icons (by DEbranded)
with gold premium tanks
HDR icons (by Aslain)
Arab tank tiers (by Aslain)
Roman tank tiers (by Aslain)
Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278)
Colored ribbons [Riskynet's style] (by Ragnarocek)
Tank Carousel
Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain)
Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain)
HDR icons on tank carousel (by Aslain)
Camouflage colored icons on carousel (by DEbranded)
with gold premium tanks
colored icons on tank carousel (by LegionLost)
Crew icons
Historical tankmans
Female Crew Mod #1 (from Wargaming)
Female Crew Mod #2 (celebrities)
Minion crew 
Anime Tank Crews v1
Anime Tank Crews v2
Pink Female Crew 
Invisible crew
DEbranded's Crew Icons
Compact horizontal tech-tree
Compact vertical tech-tree
Vertical tech-tree by _P_H_A_R_A_O_N_ [FullHD]
Tech-tree by Oldskool
Personal Reserve & Hangar Headers
Daily XP Bonus by Hawg
Crew Exp
Crew Exp by WGMods
Crew Exp by Spoter
Vehicle Exp Extended
On battle results statistics by RaJCeL
Personal Missions Helper
Red Colored Personal Missions
Tooltips Count Items Limit Extend
Battle Hits Viewer 
Replays Manager
The Old shop UI
Extended friends & blacklist
Garbage seller
Hangar Armor Inspector
by ProTanki [russian]
Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK (beta version!)
Customization Manager (auto-camo) [read mod description!]
Auxilium [read mod descriptions!]
Enable auto-mounting of equipment
Enable auto-mounting of consumables
Enable automatic crew return
Enable auto-mounting of camouflage
Disable handbrake in sniper view
Hide session stats button in hangar.
Tank carousel rows
compact size
Region changer (Multiclient)
Enable for all vehicles
Equipment & skill icons
without above mod
Letter shell icons
-------------------[ Session Statistics ]-----------------------------------
YasenKrasen session stats
YK: Core [multilingual]
YK: Vanilla [multilingual]
YK: Base [multilingual]
Background: v1
Background: v2
Background: v3
Background: v4
Background: v5
Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)
Enable special addons (beta) [multilingual]
Session Statistics and Battle Result Messages Tomonik [EN,PL]
Session Statistics Ragnarocek [EN,CZ,PL,RU]
Session Stats Time Spent by ShuraBB [EN,PL,DE,FR,RU]
Awfultanker Session Stats [EN]
PMOD session stats by kszys [EN]
PMOD session stats by WorstUnicumEU [EN]
---------------------[ Sound mods ]-----------------------------------------
Voice announcers
UT Announcer (by BudyX69 & OldSkool)
Gun sound packs
WWIIHWA Gun sounds
The Second World War. Day after day (guns)
Guns from WoT 0.9.13
Big caliber gun?? sounds
Engine sound packs
The Second World War. Day after day (engines)
Crew voice sounds
Duke Nukem Voice v1 
Jingles Voice
the Minions voice
Julie Voice Pack
My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic
Redneck Rampage & Team Fortress?
Monty Python
Armored Warfare Crew Sounds
Darkest Dungeon
Steel Foxes crew voices
Star Trek voices
Deadpool voices
Pingwiny & Przyjaciele
Madagascar - King Julien
Kapitan Bomba i Blok Ekipa
Four tank-men and a dog
Voices from the Polish movies
Women crew voices
Ala from World of Tanks Polska
Vito74m - dzienniki pijanego czołgisty
Siegfried crew voices
WWIIHWA (Historical) crew voices
Duke Sound Deutsch crew voices
Die Zwei crew voices
Battlefield 1 voices
Ken le Survivant crew voices
Kaamelott crew voices
Eric & Ramzy crew voices
Austin Powers crew voices
Duke Nukem - Daniel Beretta crew voices
Hlasky (from Czech movies & tv series)
Girls Und Panzer crew voices - Nonna
Girls Und Panzer crew voices - Katyusha
Girls Und Panzer crew voices - Yukari Akiyama
Girls Und Panzer crew voices - Nishizumi
Girls Und Panzer crew voices - Anko Team
Romanians inside
Ukrainian crew voices
Female Ukrainian voice Olesya
other crew voices
Group 1
Crew Voice Selector
All voices to American
All voices to British
All voices to German
All voices to French
All voices to Polish
All voices to Czech
All voices to Swedish
All voices to Russian
All voices to Chinese
All voices to Japanese
All voices to Italian
All voices to Sabaton [EN]
All voices to Buffon [IT]
Change default voices
to female
to male
to Sabaton [EN]
to Buffon [IT]
to Valkyrie 1 [JP]
to Valkyrie 2 [JP]
Group 2
Sounds Leviathan Spooky Latin (Halloween 2017)
Sounds instead of crew voices
Two Steps From Hell Music Mod
Epic Mega Music Collection
Star Wars Music Mod
Anime music
Various sound packs
Romulan Battle Cloak Sounds
-------------------[ Texture & models ]--------------------------------------
Hitzone skins
Individual Tank skins
-------- United Kingdom --------
Cromwell Knight Skin (Mirukii)
Cromwell B
Cromwell Knight-B Skin (Mirukii)
FV4202 Remodel (Mirukii)
Centurion Mk 3
Centurion Mk. 3 > Sho't Kal Dalet remodel (Mirukii)
-------- France --------
FCM 50t Liberté Skin (Mirukii)
AMX 13 90 (Mirukii)
-------- USA --------
T110E5 Remodel (Mirukii)
M46 Patton KR
M46 Patton KR > M46 Tiger (Mirukii)
T95E2 (Mirukii)
M48 Patton
M48A5 (Mirukii)
M60 Patton > M60A1 (Mirukii)
XM551 Sheridan > M551 Sheridan (Mirukii)
T49 (Mirukii)
T26E4 SuperPershing
T26E4 Freedom Skin (Mirukii)
T26E5 Patriot
T26E5 Patriot (Re-skin) (Mirukii)
T34 Independence Skin (Mirukii)
T34 Heavy (Mirukii)
-------- Germany --------
Rhm. Skorpion
Rheinmetall Skorpion G GF Black Edition Skin (Mirukii)
Rheinmetall Skorpion G Removal (Avalon)
Leopard PT A > Prototyp B1 Remodel (Mirukii)
Leopard 1A1A1 (Mirukii)
Hetzer > Swiss G13 (Mirukii)
T-55A > T-54AM Remodel (Mirukii)
leKpz M 41 90 mm GF
leKPz M41 90 mm Skin (Mirukii)
E 50 (Mirukii)
E 50 Ausf. M (Mirukii)
VK3001P > Laupen 16t Remodel (Mirukii)
Rhm. Pzw. > Begleitpanzer 57 Remodel (Mirukii)
Pz. I Ausf. C
Pz. I C > Sd. Kfz. 140/1 (Mirukii)
-------- USSR --------
KV-220-2 > KV-1 KwK 40 (Mirukii)
Obj. 140 > T-90A (Mirukii)
Obj. 430 > T-64A (Mirukii)
T-54 > T-54AM Remodel (Mirukii)
BT-7A > BT-42 (Mirukii)
T-34 Rudy
Rudy > T-34-85E Remodel (Mirukii)
ISU-122S Removal (Avalon)
-------- China --------
121 Remodel (Mirukii)
Type 59 (Mirukii)
T-34-3 Remodel (Mirukii)
-------- Sweden --------
Strv S1 Remodel (Mirukii)
Skins on destroyed vehicles
Painted Rollers
Enhanced camo by pold77
Single Tone Camo (Armored Warfare style)
No Dirt
Camo Selector [random camo on all tanks etc.]
Marks of Excellence on guns
MoE: v1 
MoE: v2
MoE: v3
Train Wagon skins
Colored train fitting wagons by pold77 (locastan)
Colored train fitting wagons by Webium
------------------------[ Minimap Mods ]--------------------------------
Minimap images
HD minimap ShuraBB (note: will disable XVM minimap)
Minimap zoom
Zoom hotkey: LCTRL
Zoom hotkey: LSHIFT
main: HD minimap images
main: Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
main: Tech minimap images
alt: HD minimap images
alt: Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
alt: Tech minimap images
minimap images only
HD minimap images
Minimap images with spots for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
Tech minimap images
Minimap Ping Spam Blocker 
Ping Spam Blocker by Elkano
Ping Spam Blocker by champi (with hangar ESC menu)
More visible minimap coordinates [read mod description!]
--------------------------[ Map Mods ]-------------------------------
Wide border of maps
Wide line
Extra grid
Colored Base Circles
v1 light red
v2 light blue
v3 red
v4 blue
v5 red-white
v6 black-white
---------------------[ Various mods ]-----------------------------------------
Custom Login Screens v1
LegendaryStoner Login Screens [adult content!]
Historical Login Screens (by fr_Jagdmeister)
Custom Login Screens v2
Login Screens 'Steel Beasts' (by Robert Kowalczyk)
Login Screens Anime HD
Login Screens Anime QHD
Login window video 
video Hetumoger girls [adult content!]
Battle Loading Screens
Hetumoger girls [adult content!]
Loading Screen Anime v1
Loading Screen Anime v2
Battle Loading Tips
Loading Tips Anime v1
Loading Tips Anime v2
TessuMod (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)
Radio WG.FM
Font size fix (for Japanese client only!)
Show PW saving box (for ASIA region only)
Preferred Server - keeping server selected
Show Vehicle in the sniper mode
Prebattle Countdown Shadow Remover
Marks of Excellence Extended 
UI Scale
x1.75 (4K)
Change client language
to English
to Polish
to Russian
to Ukrainian
Disable game messages panel
-------------------------[ External Apps ]---------------------------------
WoT Tweaker Plus
WoT Config Tuner
Application for loading Aslain's installer configurations
WoT Mods Cleaner (WMCleaner)
WoT Servers Pinger (WSPinger)
-------------------[ Aslain's modpack markings ]------------------------
Modpack version in the notification center
Modpack button in the hangar
Loading wheel
logo v1
logo v2


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3 minutes ago, Aslain said:

A bit flat list but you get the idea:


GREAT - Please could this post be kept updated and pinned on the downloads page @Aslain ? Then we can do a text search when trying to find where a specific mod is in the list :) The number of times I have scanned up and down the list on the install trying to find something is ridiculous !!!!!!!! :sweat_smile:

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