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Video Hetumoger girls loading video no longer working

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Up until the past few weeks I have been using the loading/login video by Hetumoger (much more appealing/interesting than the WoT default one) with no problems.

However starting a few weeks back it no longer loads, when I select it in your modpack all I get is a basic WoT login screen (screenshot included).

I have tried several troubleshooting procedures to correct it, including deletion of my cached mods downloads to force a fresh download of the video file, to no avail.

The custom static login screen by Legendary Stoner however works fine.


I have attached/included a copy of my Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip as instructed, perhaps you could take a quick look and see if you can determine the problem?



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Sorry that your thread was missed.  Since we are now on modpack version and your logs are from, could you please play a battle and then upload new logs generated from the latest modpack version?  Also, having the latest modpack installed might solve your problem.



In the meantime....why do you want to look at such stuff, young man?  :lol:

Image result for church lady

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7 hours ago, SteelWarrior01 said:

No response of any sort huh? I realize it isn't a game breaking issue or anything but I do miss my dancing girls, and being a long time widower I don't even have anyone to complain or object about my watching them.

I just tried it and it works fine. On your screenie click on switch account, also there is possibility that you turned them off, there is little button on the top right of loging screen. When you are using auto-logging via Game Center you will not see them.

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@Darth_Clicker Wow, I haven't been called "young man" since I turned 60 many moons ago, thanks!!! As for "why" I want to look at such stuff....if you were widowed and single for the past 14 years like me, "you" wouldn't pass up any opportunity to look at beautiful women either...:naughty:


Thank you for the response, and BTW I love the meme :lol:


@Aslain Thank you sir, you were spot on, I wasn't using the auto-logon mod but ever since I did a fresh Windows install a month or so ago I have been using the so-called "Game Center". When using the Game Center to launch the game the video (and the video button) do not show unless you click on switch account *every time* you start/login to the game.


The workaround for this issue (just in case others are missing their dancing girls too) is to create a short-cut to the WorldOfTanks.exe in the game folder and start the game from that instead of from the "Game Center". Using the .exe shortcut the video works just as intended.


I really do appreciate your assistance.

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Try to always remain young at heart.  I tell myself each year that age is just a number and I realize that I am perpetually about 14 years old in my mind.  Ok....not always 14 but often...haha.  


I should have been clear and put the question on the meme as it was intended to be a joke and to be from the Church Lady.  I loved it when Dana Carvey played her on Saturday Night Live.  It was almost as funny as John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and the others back in the late 70's.  So...you can see that I have been 14 for about 40 years now.


Enjoy the girls!!!!   Oh...I am glad that the resident hero Aslain figured out a solution for you.

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