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need help with setup please

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I have 3 hard drives and run WoT on D with the modpack. On E I have a base version of the game with no mods, I was thinking of using the base version no mods and reducing the amount of mods I use and tinkering it down.


Aslains modpack, once setup has been installed saves the mod list preferences.


So is it possible to have 2 different setups on the same computer that the installer would be able to recognize? I don't want to go through and make each choice every single time it gets updated, especially since i install almost every updated version.  


Also does anyone know where the file is that the modpack installer draws its previous version preferences from? I am thinking of also doing what WG said to get rid of the bug of crashing at the end up battles on the way back to the garage.  They said to basically remove all mods and all preferences files even for the game itself in the appdata folders, but I would also like to save time reinstalling mods after

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You will need this:

and information on which file you need to save is mentioned in that thread too.


So I think you'd probably need to:

Keep your main setup file - and then use LoadINF program when you install that one.

Create your other setup - install - backup the installation file - use LoadINF when you want to install the smaller setup choice.

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