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Extend the rental period

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I don't consider this an issue or a bug....just a curiosity perhaps...but I have this little button on my screen.  When I mouse over it, it says "Extend the rental period".  Nothing happens when I click on it.  I don't have any rental tanks in my garage.  I even cleared the carousel filter in case WG had given me a free rental for some reason.  I didn't notice it until today, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been there before today.


Anyone else have this and do you know how to remove it?


Thanks in advance....



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Or maybe it isn't really there and it's only a figment of our imagination..... Since I have clicked it a few times, I suppose that when I get an invoice in the post for extending the rental period of something random like a dishwasher I will know why....:joy:


Thanks for the explanation!

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Actually, I checked and I don't have OldSkool's Marks in Hangar installed, but I did have his Spot Messenger installed...but that doesn't cause it either.  I don't have anything from OldSkool installed at the moment as far as I can tell.  I will investigate a bit more.


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