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"You dont have supported version of client" ... (

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I downloaded the recent v.10.0.2_07 installer. Going the same way as usual, running as admin, when putting the address of the client (I let it as it is, because I havent changed the location), the Aslain installer is unable to start instalation with a note: "Warning: You have unsupported version of client. This package is for WoT!".


While the WOT Command Center shows me: "You are running the newest version of game".


When going to WOT folder, I had in res_mods empty folder, I deleted and remained only, but installer still refuses to continue.


I can´t understand the issue.

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7 minutes ago, Aslain said:

Yeah, like almoth every month there is a new update from WG that requires a new modpack, you have to wait, no ETA, probably later today.


Hi Aslain, you doing a wonderful job with your mod, take your time on the client version update. we already glad you are so always so fast up-to-date. Thanks

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3 godziny temu, Aslain napisał:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<appname>    #menu:login/version </appname>

<version> v. #485 </version>

<showLicense> 42 </showLicense>

<ingameHelpVersion>    1 </ingameHelpVersion>


<client> 1441859 </client>

<overrides> 1441246 </overrides>

<localization> 1441586 RU </localization>

<realm> EU </realm>

<branch> v1.10 </branch>

<buildScriptsRevision> 1430979 </buildScriptsRevision>




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vor 36 Minuten schrieb Aslain:

Not sure what do you guys want to achieve here.

Just don't get angry.

Apparently they all can't wait for you to bring out the new mod.

They can all be happy that you put so much work into making everyone happy.

Don't get stressed, when he's done everyone will be able to see it. And done.
You get thumbs up from me for all your time and effort.
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You doing already so much for the WOT community, thanks for all your effort, time and energy. 

I should wait with the mod because there are many bugs already in the newest patch, so maybe it needs an update right away when you really with the mod for this release 

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