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Is there a mod to adjust mini map size?

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Is there a mod that allows for more mini map size options?  I run max resolution and manually adjust the UI scale in the settings file.  I am looking for a way to make the mini map at least a little bigger without having to lower the resolution or change the entire UI scale since I have everything else right where I want it.


Does such a mod exist and I'm just missing it?

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lol... yeah, + only goes so far


I will look at those settings, but they sound like they are for they tank symbols on the mini map.


I'm looking more for what the "Minimap Zoom" set to very large looks like, but without having to press a button... just being that size standard.  With all my  settings, it is somewhere between medium and large when set to max.


I might just have to go with a lower resolution, but that will mean tweaking everything else to get it to how I like it to look again... thought it would be easier to just adjust the max map size.  I'll dig through the settings file again and see if there is a number there for it that I can adjust.

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