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Garage Camo Demounting Mod


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Hey Aslain! Great work on keeping your modpack going strong.


I've been thinking of a mod that I am not sure if it exists or if it can be made... The idea is to have a button that shows up in the customization screen that can demount the camo and styles from all vehicles in the garage. The reason this would be great is that for players like me with dozens of tanks, it becomes a chore to try and find the one tank a 2d style is currently on. With this demount-on-command system, it would greatly improve the ease of utilizing all the 2d styles we've been getting lately.


I think it would be a great addition to quality of life but I'm not skilled enough to even attempt to make such a thing. It would even be greater if it could have a filter. Filter by tier/class and only remove camo/styles from those selected.


Looking forward to your thoughts on this.




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