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Mod Request - Music

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W dniu 3.02.2021 o 17:16, IronJuggernaut napisał:

At the end of a match, a musical tune plays depending on your win or loss. I want to silence or remove both. They are annoying and loud.


Can this be done? Thanks!

I don't like changed standard port music too. A i know, there are others people which have the same view. Removing those win/lost is  teoretically possible, but with every patch files are changing so this is some work to do. I've used wowsunpacker to unpack content_music_port.bnk from banks/ultra, high, low (it depends form Your sound quality). Then I have used bnkextractor, converted this to .ogg. And all sounds are in many parts, some probably are missing too, becouse used programs. So You can do nothing here.


Second thing is logic of this music, to not play victory/lost at all. It probably is in file logic_music.bnk, but program can't unpack this file.


So the only go around solution is to change port after a battle manually ...

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I think I'll make a slightly different request here, though still related to music. In WoT there is a mod that changes the background music. In my case I have it as the music from Girls Und Panzer. I'm wondering why this has not been done for WoWs, though I understand that possibly more people play WoT than WoWs. Still though, would be good if this is automatically done as with WoT and not to have to find music on your own and add it to the game files, etc manually.

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Just to add to this, I'm posting a screenshot of Aslain's mod installer for WoT to show what I mean for adding music to WoWs since userMusic is no longer supported or possible in it. Hopefully someone can do a mod for this (music from HSF or some other related naval anime would be good).

Aslain music.jpg

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