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Installed latest version, explosions no longer appear

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I changed nothing in the game, the only thing I did was update to the latest XVM version and now the in-game explosions are gone. The sound is there, and I can see the "aftermath" of them, but I no longer see any effect when I shoot a tank, shoot a fuel car, or run over explodable objects. 

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Same here, lost all my effects.


I tried rolling back to an old version, but unfortunately I deleted the one old enough to not break my game. I appreciate all the work done on this mod, but this is kind of a big screw up here. I'm going to start keeping old versions around for when this happens. 

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Please attach logs, this is crucial to find the cause. Info in sig.


I did reply in the other thread already, but just in case, I'll do it here too.


Using the Windows uninstaller interface and removing the modpack that way only made WoT stop working period. The executable would not run after using launcher. I did reinstall of vanilla WoT, the problem was gone. Using latest modpack caused the problem to return, even with extremely minimal options (basically had crosshair, hitlog, minimap enhancement without anything altering in-game effects). Unfortunately because I reinstalled WoT fresh and completely removed modpack I lost the log, but I'm positive the issue with return if I reinstall modpack and I'll send the log then.

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