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Arty Shell Travel Time

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  Thank you for your awesome work.  I couldn't imagine world of tanks without you.


  One request, I've been using j1mbos crosshair mod for arty & tanks, however, I can't seem to find any mods in your package to help with my arty long distance shots.  There are other mods like melthys math (iirc) that will tell you the estimated travel time of the shell so you know how far you have to lead the target.


  Can you please include a mod that will allow me to know the travel time of my shell or even better, estimated area to shoot at based on current travel speed of target + travel time of shell?


This would be awesome.



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There is mod like Arty Shell Travel Time already, but it shows all the info even in non-SPG vehicles which is annoying for many.


Maybe select different SGP cross, not J1mbo's as a workaround to this? I don't know why J1mbo removed shell travel time, you would have to ask him.

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yeah I can do that, but only for my FullHD resolution, so I can guess another day people will cry why they have Shell Travel Info overlappin on their crosshair/infopanel/damagepanel etc... Cannot please them all. Too many mods with too many positions on screen. impossible to do. 


It's easy to mod position for yourself by editing it's config file for your liking. Then use Aslains_custom_mods folder..

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