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HUD abnormally zoomed in.

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I have 3 monitors using nvsurround 5760x1080 resolution.

Garage displays correctly.


When the battle loads/commences the HUD is majorly zoomed in.


eg. My team players panel takes up 90% of the first monitor. The recticle takes up 90% of the middle monitor and the Enemy players panel isn't visible.


When I remove contents of the 0.9.6 folder HUD is normal.




attached logs & screenshot





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No one playing WoT can afford 3 monitors   ;)


This is overall an unusual problem. You say its caused by a mod? 

Its either XVM messing it up then you have to seek answer in the Korean Random forums.


It could be the crosshair, but since the minimap also is very big it seems to "push" the left panel.


Does resizing map change anything? Damagepanel seems "cut"?


The only option since very few can test this problem is to test mods 1 by 1, starting with XVM. 


I have seen players play WoT in 3 monitors with Eyefinity and Surround so its probably a tiny 

tweak thats needed.

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