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new ship management mod

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Using the new ship management mod for signals, I can no longer access the "save/load" signals feature that used to be available in the port screen using the prior version of carousel extended. I actually have to go to the exterior tab (kind of defeating the purpose of having everything show on the port screen) if I want to continue to use the "save/load" signals function.


This is not an improvement IMO...

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Hi Aslain,

Dunno if it's the right place to post it, but could you please pass along also my impressions to Olin as such:


Please don't start to screw up what's already perfect... exactly like WG.


The whole purpose was to have access in "a blink of the eye" to all important stuff before hitting the Battle button too much in a rush:




with modules and flags as a cool (but not strictly necessary) extras


Now I'm supposed to navigate (or keep open) a series of menu that take a huge amount of real estate on my screen.

And I don't consider 1920x1200 a small resolution...


Beside, the Modules Menu might come handy just with Shimakaze and a few other ships.

The Upgrades Menu is a redundancy as the mod "Valera" is better integrated and also still available in the Captain' Skills page


So, nice try but I don't have use for this thing. I'd like to have back the former Carousel Extend.




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