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Game crashing bugs

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Hey, Aslain, first of all i wanna say that im loving the modpack.

Im writing this, because i cant play the game anymore with your mods.
Here are the mods im using:Modpack version 4.2.52
-Vehicle contour icons

 *Aslains icons


-Panels & Windows by Aslain (in-battle)

-XVM Minimap




 *dynamic view range circle

-Labels on minimap

 *health circles

-hitlog settings

 *version #1 top

-show ping

-The XVM player statistics

 *6 colors by team XVM (better blue)

 *rating WN8

-Display hangar clock


-Show advanced info on carousel

 *5th option (too much to list here)


 *Harpoon v3.0 (en)

-Gun constraints

 *marker shape >  <

-Damage panels

 *GambitER 0.9.6
 *on the left

 *unchecked the 3 boxes under

-Session statistics
 *YasenKrasen (v1)



Clean install.

I have no idea wich one does cause the problem, but the problem is that my game crashes randomly while in the middle of the game. The UI (ammo, consumables, stats, minimap, etc..) dissapears and my screen freezes, but i can still hear the sounds of the live game. Have to restard the game by closing it using task manager. Please, provide me any knowledge you can on this._Aslain_logs.zippython.log

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