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i have trobble after install

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Is that video you posted really from youre gameplay?


I would say its almost unplayable. It is obvious that the 

Gpu (graphics-card) cant keep up with the game. The glitch 

in sniperview is rendering problem. Why its so wierd and in 

that place I dont know, maybe some shadow-effect. 


You really have to clean up and update youre computer. 


That error, when does it appear? During or when install

is complete?

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Atleast you should clean up computer with for example CCleaner.

Then you should do a complete defragmentation with f.e Auslogics Diskdefrag. 

Update every possible driver, program et.c.

You could also run SFC/scannow. 


The error probably comes when windows is trying to access that temp folder to 

deleate it. Some timestamps or administrator access blocks it. 


Here are links for good, mostly free software and tools:




And that filechecker is explained here:



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