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Defining new ribbonAppear X/Y ?

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I was hoping someone might knew how to change the ribbonAppear after it's no longer in Battle_layout anymore.

Default they just appear behind the Roslich sidepanels. Previously been using this to have them appear a bit right of the crosshair, and out of the way of detection icons. 67 pixels up, 733 pixels to the right, at whatever attachment bottom right/left point.




Maybe it's possible in !AS_main_hud.unbound to customize it, assuming !AS_ribbons_claimed.unbound is what used to be RibbonContainer.

But i can't make much sense of that new code. Maybe i can define horizontal offset putting in a 3440x1440 option in stageWidth >= 3440 ? But the values don't make sense to me, says offsetFromCenter but the 1** pixel? values would seem more from the right of the screen than center.


Where would i put in a static non-adjusting value from center? There's all sorts of divders in the code i cba with.

Some help would be appreciated 🙂

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It's easy to move it to the left and/or up. In !AS_main_hud.unbound find the RibbonsAppearContainer element:

(element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons'
	(style (marginBottom = "S"))

Add a marginRight value to its style:

(element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons'
	(style (marginBottom = "S") (marginRight = 1000))

Play around with the marginBottom and marginRight values. You can use numbers (with no quotation marks) or you can keep using the 🩲 size indicators (with quotation marks) as they are defined in constants.unbound:

(def constant XXS 2px)
(def constant XS 4px)
(def constant S 8px)
(def constant SXS 12px)
(def constant M 16px)
(def constant MS 24px)
(def constant L 32px)
(def constant LS 40px)
(def constant LM 48px)
(def constant XL 64px)
(def constant XLM 98px)
(def constant XXL 128px)
(def constant XXLXL 192px)
(def constant XXXL 256px)

To move it down you have to enter a negative marginBottom value. (I used -250 in the example below.) Depending on how far you want to move it (more or less than ~80 pixels) you may also have to change the other marginBottom value, right above this one, otherwise the kill announcements will move up. Enter a negative marginBottom value that's about 80 pixels smaller (I used -170):

	(align = "right")
	(marginRight = "MS")
	(marginBottom = -170)

(element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons'
	(style (marginBottom = -250) (marginRight = 1000))

Good luck! (Pls lemme know if it worked for you)

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Exactly what i needed, thanks so much for that!


I got the desired result with:


			(element RibbonsAppearContainer $autoPerfTestGroup='ribbons'
				(style (marginBottom = -27) (marginRight = 390))


But entirely dependant on my minimap being full sized.


Atleast not the ribbons overlapping stuff anymore, and i can actually see the stuff while keeping eyes on target.


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