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Turret and sniper mode freeze

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I just saw that too, playing arty. Fired one shot, then target got stuck where I'd just fired.

I could:

* move my tank forward/back and turn the hull with the arrow keys

I could not:

* get out of arty view

* move the target to anywhere else


I force-quit the game and reloaded (while still in match) to see if that fixed it, but it just made it worse, I couldn't even see the game, just had the battle score loading screen showing, although I could faintly see in the background that I could seem to switch between arty and regular view (using Shift). In regular view I couldn't really see anything, but if I moved the mouse around the over-tank markers would move around the screen:



Of note, I had just installed v.4.3.2_97, this was the second match with that version installed, first arty match though.

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