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Gun has stopped firing

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I've never seen this bug before...ever.


It started with a round in my AT-15.  Most of the round was fine, but towards the end of the round, it stopped firing.  I had plenty of ammo, both AP, HE and 1 gold, but when I clicked, nothing happened.


There was no visual indicator of firing, or reloading, no sound...nothing at all.


This bug was followed by a game crash about 30 seconds or so later.


The next round I played in the same tank, from the very start it would not fire.  I was never able to fire a single round.  There was no crash after this game.


I have not played any further rounds yet.  I'm going to try uninstalling the mod pack for now.



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same thing happened to me in two different battles, one in the T67 the other in the T28 proto, in battle went to fire and nothing happened, got killed, went into the next battle, could not fire, came out of the game, restarted the computer went back in to another game everything fine, went into a second battle in the hellcat and could not fire, had to delete aslains, replaced my resmod file, downloaded another different mod and had no problems, have not reinstalled aslains as of yet which I hate because I love asalains, any suggestions?

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Did any of you add any new selections from the pack this time around?  I added 2 or 3, I think.


I removed the whole pack and continued playing without the problem, but now I'm going put it back in minus the new things I tried and see what happens.

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Having all the same issues here, and so are some of my clanmates on NA.


Game works fine for a little bit, then all of a sudden it won't fire when I click.  And sometimes, usually before this starts, my gun will fire on its own as soon as another round is loaded -- like it's a runaway weapon on full auto or something.


I tried uninstalling the autoaim mods after I had heard that they were bugged, but I'm still having the same issues.


The game works fine sans mods, but alas, I really love Aslain's, and I simply won't play modless...

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